The Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of our vehicles is essential to you and is the reason why we are seeking to improve the TCO of our vehicles from the point of design onwards.


The range of Peugeot vehicles with low CO2 emissions is a clear advantage to lower taxes related to CO2. Take a look at our range of low-emission vehicles: 207 "99g", 107 "106g", 308 Hatch "120g", 407 "129g", 3008 "130g" and the 5008 "135g".

Fuel consumption

During the design stage of our vehicle, we actively work on engine-gearbox assemblies, aerodynamic properties, overall weight and rolling resistance to improve fuel consumption, which alone may represent up to almost 15% of the TCO. The result is: a range of vehicles with low fuel consumption figures, with for example, only 3.8l/100 km for the 207 1.6l HDi FAP for the combined cycle.

Insurance companies

To optimise your insurance premiums, we work with the vehicle anti-theft and security experts in Europe throughout the entire development stages of our vehicles to provide a high level of protection for all safety components: benchmark road-holding, a reinforced structure to limit the consequences of an accident, a wide range of emergency call systems to summon help as quickly as possible in the event of an accident and systems to protect against theft at the highest level.

Servicing and Maintenance

To improve the control of expenditure related to servicing and maintaining your vehicle or vehicle fleet, choose the Peugeot Optiway contracts.