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Whatever your size of your company, Peugeot Business offers you a comprehensive range of services and is there to support you in implementing customised solutions.

Our range of business services consists of:

-    Fleet Management Services

-    Maintenance Services

-    Transport Solution Services

-    Financial and Insurance Services

These services can be selected "à la carte" or as part of Peugeot Optiway and will bring you the complete peace of mind necessary to manage your business or your vehicle fleet.


Fleet Management: Interparc

This service allows you to improve the overall control, analysis and active consultation of your vehicle fleet. Everything you need to make the right decisions and to effectively manage your fleet is permanently to hand.


According to current conditions available from the Peugeot network of sales outlets

Peugeot Active Fleet Data

Enter the vehicle communication era and revolutionise your fleet management.

Thanks to the unit installed inside your vehicle, you have access to reliable and accurate telematics information reporting to actively manage your vehicle fleet.


Lists of compatible vehicles and current conditions are available from Peugeot network sales outlets


Download the brochure :

Fuel management

Fuel management is a service that provides strict monitoring of the use of fuel cards by your employees. You control your expenditure: fuel, lubricants, car washes and tolls, etc.

Improving your fleet management.


According to current conditions available from the Peugeot network of sales outlets


Improve the management of your fuel expenditure:



  • Use of fuel cards:
    • 1 to 3 fuel suppliers of your choice (Total, etc.)
  •  Choose the following payments according to your needs: 
    •  Fuel (petrol, diesel, LPG)
    •  Lubricants
    •  Motorway and tunnel toll payments
    •  Car parks (etc.)
    •  Additional service station services (washes, etc.)
  •  Include, reporting and details of these payments on the LLD and interp@rc 2 invoice.
  •  "Credit" card è No more expense sheets
  •  No security or guarantee deposits
  •  Financial Advantage è Payments staged over an average of 45 days
  •  Renewal of conditions agreed direct with the fuel supplier
  •  Control and monitoring of expenditure
  •  Single invoice, included in the LLD
  •  Service provided throughout the European network and for all French and German motorway tolls
  •  Preferential rate in the Level 3 package
  • Customised invoicing

With computer billing, your contracts are clear, detailed and can be adapted to your organisation.


According to current conditions available from the Peugeot network of sales outlets


Peugeot Optiway Service Contracts

Simplify the life of your vehicle users and opt for Peugeot Optiway contracts.

From extended warranty to covering all of the servicing and maintenance operations scheduled by the Manufacturer, irrespective of your vehicle usage, there is a Peugeot Optiway contract to suit your needs.


· Optiway Warranty Contract:

An extended warranty from 2 to 3 years gives you additional peace of mind.


This contract includes the replacement or repair of defective parts, including labour and 24-hour Peugeot assistance 7 days a week for the period of extended warranty.

· Optiway Servicing Contract:

Warranty + service intervals + technical pre-inspection (depending on the contract period)


· Optiway Maintenance Contract:

Maintenance + replacement of wear and tear and defective parts.


To add to your Peugeot Optiway contact and to ensure it exactly meets your needs, choose from the following options:


- Options "Replacement Vehicle Accident/Theft/Fire"

- Option "Transport solution Replacement Vehicle"

- Option "Tyres" and/or “Winter Tyres"


According to current conditions available from the Peugeot network of sales outlets


If you want to combine your maintenance contracts with your finance options, take a look at our other Peugeot Optiway contracts: Optiway Essential, Optiway efficiency and Optiway Exclusive. (link to finance options).


Download the practical guide :


Replacement vehicles

When a vehicle is off the road during an after-sales operation and to ensure that your employee remains mobile at all times, your Peugeot Approved Repairer can provide you with a courtesy vehicle. This transport solution is included in the Services + finance packs or can be subscribed to as part of a Peugeot Optiway maintenance contract.


According to current conditions available from the Peugeot network of sales outlets

Peugeot Assistance

XX XX XXX XXX (Peugeot Assistance N°), Peugeot Assistance provides you with 24-hour connection to the entire Peugeot network, 7 days a week.

Filled up with the wrong type of fuel, vehicle malfunction (fault, mechanical incident, etc.) or keys locked inside the vehicle... ? The Peugeot Approved Repair Network comes to your aid.


According to current conditions available from the Peugeot network of sales outlets


Insuring the person

Protecting you and your loved ones

Because you want the best for those you love, you can anticipate the risks in life and be assured that everything will always be done to make life simpler.

Death & Temporary Invalidity Credit loan and Leasing



  • Death
  • Invalidity (absolute and final)
  • Incapacity to work
  • Temporary invalidity



  • Peace of mind:

If a problem occurs, you know that your insurance company and Peugeot Finance will be responsible for closing your financing, and your loved ones will not have to intervene.


  • Simplicity:

Everything is done at once: you take out the insurance of your choice at the same time as your finance contract

Financial Loss Insurance

The Financial Loss insurance protects you against any nasty surprises in the event of theft or total destruction of the vehicle. It complements your "all risks" vehicle insurance.


  • Without the Financial Loss insurance:

In the event of total loss (fire, theft, accident, natural catastrophe), your insurer will pay you compensation equal to the Value provided by an insurance assessor.

In most cases, this compensation is not sufficient to settle your finance plan.


  • With the Financial Loss insurance:

You do not suffer any prejudice: we do not charge the difference between your claim (amount due to clear your lease financing) and your insurer's settlement.




 - Security: You are able to settle your finance plan without any nasty surprises and without being out of pocket.
 - Simplicity: We handle the administrative management of these situations.
 - Control: the service amount remains fixed for each contract throughout the term of the lease
 - Peace of mind: Your vehicle is renewed under the best condition
"All risks" Car Insurance

You get a tailor-made contract, developed in partnership with a key player in the vehicle insurance industry: AON.

Services (to be defined by the countries according to the local contract):


  • Damage to the vehicle
  • Fire, theft and accident-related damage.

Advantages: + Other advantages specific to each country.


  • No surprises: the insurance premium is fixed for the term of the contract
  • Flexibility: a solid foundation with several options available
  • Simplified: insurance premiums are included in the overall invoicing
  • No-nonsense: you are assured of quality repairs carried out using genuine parts in full compliance with the manufacturer's warranty